Artful Split Monogram Signs 

Custom Wood Signs

Artful Split Monogram Signs are personalized wood signs that add an artful touch to your home, cottage or business and communicates with an emphasis on the first name or family name.



Available as a circle or square:


Cedar has a beautiful and varied grain. Our Select Cedar is high quality and mostly knot free. It has a high natural resistance to decay. It is an excellent choice for an outdoor sign.

Fir has a similar golden colour to cedar with a vary consistent grain. Our Select Fir is high quality and mostly knot free. Fir is heavier. stronger, more consistent then Cedar and more economical. It is an excellent choice for an outdoor sign and carves very well.


All wood requires protection from the elements. Cedar will fair better then other woods if unprotected but if any wood is protected and that protection is maintained it will last as well as any.

All items are created using high quality outdoor waterproof glue, paint and sealed with 3 coats of outdoor grade polyurethane with UV protection. This ensure the maximum life of the work indoors or out.


How to Maintain Your Sign.

How to hang your sign.

Every sign greater than 8" high have vertical spines on the back to provide structural strength.


Unlike signs with text and graphics mounted on backer boards. Our signs are engraved in solid wood and when needed, you can give the surface a light sanding with a palm sander and give the sign a few more coats of polyurethane. All without disturbing the painted text or art work. Your sign will last a life time or more. 



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Please browse the Gallery for more examples of our work.

Please note that I don't usually stain the cedar unless specially requested to do so. I just give it 4 coats of clear semi-gloss Polyurethane with UV protection. Check out all the signs on this website and you will notice the many colors/shades that cedar can be. Every sign on the website has been treated the same way. Picture lighting, your monitor settings and many other factors effect the colors/shades you see. The Artful Carver sign was all cut from the same board.   I have no control over the color or light/darkness of the wood. 
Cracks and other blemishes are an unavoidable consequence of dealing with a natural product such as wood.
Western Red Cedar is especially susceptible to cracks along the grain. All cracks are filled with a water proof glue, clamped closed, sanded and sealed. 
Pine doesn't usually have cracks but do often have resin pockets and more knots that are filled and sealed in the same way as cracks. 
In order to doubly ensure that the crack and any new cracks do not open up, vertical spines are glued on the back of all our signs that are two boards or more. 
The whole sign is then sealed with three coats of a marine grade Polyurethane. Be assured that these natural features will not deter from the longevity of your sign.

Your sign is a personal item made just for you. Work cannot begin on your sign until full payment is received. Please check your mock-up carefully for spelling mistakes, proper wording, design and ensure that it is what you want. No refunds can be made once work on your sign starts. Return Policy.

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