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ˈärtfəl  adjective: artful


showing creative skill or taste.

"an artful photograph of a striking woman"

synonyms: skillful, clever, adept, adroit, skilled, expert

"artful precision"


Who is the Artful Carver?

As a young boy, John spent a great deal of time at the family cottage and on camping trips. His first carving was done then, an Eagle head done with a pen knife. This was soon followed by Loon carving in soap stone which he still has today.


John studied Fish and Wildlife Biology at the University of Guelph where he received an Honours degree. During summers and after graduating John worked on contract for the Ministry of Natural Resources as far south as Wingham, Ontario and as far north as Moosonee, Ontario. John would spend considerable time in the Canadian wilderness during these contracts sometimes several months at a time.


John learned carving from books using hand tools until he met Hal MaCray who introduced him to power carving. He took lessons from Howard Stockwell and learned a great deal about decoy carving from Howard.


John now lives and works in his wilderness studio near North Bay, Ontario with his wife Ann and their Cocker Spaniels. In the summer you'll often find John and his family wilderness canoe tripping in the Canadian North.


Although John enjoys all types of carving, his passion is Wildlife Sculpture and applies his knowledge of wildlife biology and nature to each sculpture he does.

Your message carved in art and text!

A lifetime of carving, knowledge of wildlife biology and nature is applied to each product we do.

The Carousel Horse Project for the North Bay Carousel.

The creation of Dream Weaver.

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