How to hang your sign.

  1. The most popular way to hang a sign is to suspend it from a horizontal beam using a combination of chain, eyes and hooks, we will optionally install brass or stainless steel eyes. The horizontal beam is supported by one or two vertical posts. If this is your choice. See below for some tips and examples.
  2. To secure a sign to an outdoor post, wall or any surface, you can ask us to predrill two holes in the sign so that you can screw through the sign into the wall. We recommend brass, stainless or deck screws. 
  3. We don't put indentations into the back because of the risk of hitting any of the carving on the other side. Also, cedar is very soft and tear out is very possible and I usually put spines on the back of the signs that are greater then 8" high to prevent splitting along the grain so there is a gap between the sign and the wall. Let us know if you don't want these spines.
  4. Mounting on a tree. Trees grow and will eventually grow around a chain or nails. If you must nail to a tree use aluminum nails if you can find them. They will cause less damage to a lumberjacks saw in the future.
    You can also use 1/4" lag screws and leave 1/2” gap and/or back the screw out a little each year.
  5. Hanging the sign indoors you can use double sided tape to stick it to the wall or a smooth surface the tape can stick to. You can acquire double sided tape at Home Depot. We have found that Scotch has an Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape  (Model # 414C | Store SKU # 1000761256 ) that can be purchased at Home Depot and works very well. alternatively you can your favorite picture hanging hardware. Just take care that any nails or screws you use don't puncture the carving on the other side.


You should preferably use a chain that won't corrode. 
  1. Cut the two end links and bend them open. You can have this done where you buy the chain.
  2. Slip the open link through the eye while keeping it linked to the chain.
  3. With pliers, close the link back up.
  4. Do the same for the other end of the chain on the post.


You can use S-hooks to link your chain to the eyes.

Be sure to close the hook around the eye to secure it.

For larger signs and heavy chain.

You can use Quick Links.

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