Artful Signs

What Size of Sign should I get?

Generally bigger is better but your budget should temper that. A smaller sign is better then no sign. The bigger the sign the larger the lettering can be and the more it stands out.


You should also consider the size of the property and the distance the reader of the sign would be from the sign. A small property might look over done with a large sign and a small sign on a large property might look lost. Of course the further away the reader is from sign the more difficult it is to read a smaller sign. 


The design of the sign is also important. A long line of text works better on a strong rectangle. A logo may work better on a square or round shape.


  This is the most popular size for cottages: 14" x 23" .  7 x 23" is very popular for trailers but 14 x 23" is also used. 14" x 34" is my personal favourite I like the strong rectangle with lots of space for text and graphics. But my own sign is 21"x23" because the design favoured a square.


The combo, a large sign with a smaller sign below, is useful if the information on the sign might change. Place the information that could change on the smaller less expensive sign.

Try not to put to much into a small sign. It ends up cluttered and your message may be lost and the text to small to read from a distance. Good sign design includes empty space and less is often more. Keep it simple and clear. "The Smith's" can be  just as effective as "The Smith's Family Cottage".
You can cut out a piece of cardboard using the dimensions of the size you are considering to give yourself a visual aid to help you decide if it works for you.Be sure to stand back the distance it would be most likely seen at. Some people have actually printed out the mock-up to the correct dimensions and pasted on the cardboard.
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