Artful Signs

What finish do you use and how long will the sign last?

We only use the best materials: Select Western Red Cedar, Fir and Pine, outdoor grade polyurethane with UV protection (3-4 coats) and water proof glues. This finish is fairly expensive, but we've found it to look best and last the longest outdoors. Since our purpose is to provide a quality and long lasting outdoor product, we don't skimp on finish quality.


Our signs will give you years of pleasure, with a little maintenance they can last a lifetime. There are lots of factors that will effect exactly how long your sign will look new and last and when maintenance may be required. As far as the the look of the wood is concerned it is the protection of the wood that counts and maintaining that protection. All wood will grey, fade and experience water damage if not protected. Cedar has natural protection to decay but that only comes into effect if there is no protection and over the longer term. Any wood will do well if protected and that protection is maintained. Cedar and fir are a more stable wood and therefore better for large signs. Exposure to the elements including rain, freezing/thawing and UV from the sun all affect any wood or finish. A south facing sign on a fence post will get the most exposure to the suns UV rays and weather, while a sign under a porch or shaded is protected from most of the elements.


Tips for helping your sign last:

  1. Maintain your sign.
  2. Try to avoid direct sun light if possible.
  3. Shelter the sign if possible.
  4. If your place is seasonal, bring the sign in for the winter. You can put out a "beater sign" to take the winter abuse.


For sign maintenance instructions, check here.


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