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Please fill in the following information as best as you can and describe what you are looking for. The form below will be emailed to us so that we can design a mock-up of your clock. There is no cost or obligation for this service and no information will be stored in a data base, it is simply emailed to us.

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*Basic Select pine clock prices include: 1 basic engraved art work, 1 boarder, 2 lines of text, 2 color hand painted highlight paint and 3 coats of high quality polyurethane.


Sizes are approximate and may vary based on your design. To provide the best possible rates, your shipping cost will be provided with your quote.


Additional lines of text, border or art work are an extra charge.


Clock has a built in hanger and includes batteries.

*Although we go to great lengths to select high quality knot free wood because wood is a natural product, variations in color, grain, small defects, chipping and knots should be expected.

1 Applies to shipping within Canada. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Information
2 The price shown here is an estimation only. You will not be charged at this time.You will receive a quote with your virtual model for your approval.
3 Not including tax